Teacher Leadership

Our Mission

The mission of the Teacher Leadership program is to foster and develop a meaningful, useful, and collaborative environment where each team player's role in the MFL MarMac system is enhanced in order to not only meet but exceed the needs of our students to achieve excellence in every classroom!

  • Resource Sharing
  • Technology Troubleshooting
  • Support for Classroom Initiatives
  • Participation in ObserveMe Opportunities
  • Mentor for Routines / Answering Questions
  • Formative & Summative Assessment Design
  • Curriculum Planning - Lesson / Unit Design
  • Classroom Management
  • Community Building
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Facilitation and Participation in Learning Labs
  • Mentoring for Professional Growth
  • Co-Teaching / Modeling
  • Tech Integration
  • Enhanced Teaching Conversations
  • Social-Emotional Support
  • Networking
TLC Mission graphic

Instructional coaches offer support to staff to plan, model, and co-teach lessons. Coaches support the implementation of effective instructional strategies.

Coverage of classrooms to allow teachers to see and learn from other teachers is also among the services provided by coaches.


Teacher Librarian, Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Instructional Coach
Literacy Intervention
Instructional Coach
7th Grade Literature, MS Bigger, Faster, Stronger, MS Wrestling Coach
Instructional Coach
Instructional Coach

Mentor teachers support teachers who are new to the profession or new to teaching in Iowa. Their duties include collaborating with mentor teachers to develop expertise and delivery of specific content areas of the Iowa Core, and to be a resource for new and career teachers in the district.

With the use of TLC resources, MFL MarMac is able to implement a well-defined mentoring and induction program, intensive supervision for mentees, opportunities for peer observations, and ongoing professional development.


9-12 Vocal Music, 9-12 Professional School Counselor, Legacy Show Choir Director
Mentor Teacher
Mentor Teacher
Special Education
Mentor Teacher
Language Arts
Mentor Teacher
Language Arts, Group/Individual Speech
Mentor Teacher
Special Education
Mentor Teacher
Mathematics, Athletic Director
Mentor Teacher
Mentor Teacher
3rd Grade
Mentor Teacher

Co-Educators demonstrate instructional strategies, conference with classroom teachers, and participate in model teacher collaboration teams to develop expertise.

"Co-Educators: Encouraging the sharing and collaboration of all!"


Social Studies, Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Boys Basketball Coach, Weightroom
Art, Talented & Gifted
5th Grade, Activities Director, 8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach
1st Grade
2nd Grade
Social Studies, Assistant HS Cross Country
Physical Education, Health

Roles within the TLC program

MFL MarMac Community School District • Teacher Leadership Job Descriptions

  • Discuss and encourage coaching opportunities with teachers
  • Encourage open doors and trust throughout TLC program
  • Assist in screening, hiring, training, assigning, and evaluating the TLC positions
  • Supervise the maintenance of accurate records on the progress of students
  • Serve as one of the links between school and community
  • Monitor the TLC program
  • Meet regularly with TLC participants
  • Encourage transparency to celebrate successes
  • Fulfill responsibilities of both career and model teacher
  • Facilitate reflection on classroom practice
  • Assist in goal setting, planning, preparing, and delivering instruction
  • Assist with alignment to Common Core curriculum
  • Collaborate with staff to analyze student data and select instructional strategies
  • Plan, assist, and deliver professional development
  • Develop a bank of instructional resources
  • Research educational strategies, initiatives, and effectiveness in schools
  • Maintain confidentiality with professional relationships and records
  • Serve an additional 15 professional development days outside of teacher contract days/hours
  • Fulfill responsibilities of both career teachers and co-educators
  • Provide mentoring to first and second year teachers and teachers new to Iowa
  • Document mentor-mentee activities and provide feedback to mentee teachers
  • Complete nine non-evaluative peer reviews (Sept-May) as reviewer with release time provided by district
  • Offer time for reflective conversations with mentees (with coverage)
  • Serve an additional 10 professional development days outside of teacher contract days/hours
  • Fulfill responsibilities of a career teacher

  • Maintain an open door policy with colleagues (with coverage)

  • Be reflective and collaborate with colleagues

  • Share professional explorations (small group, tech integration, literacy, etc.)

  • Encourage others to collaborate and share their professional explorations and outcomes

  • Explore and/or model instructional strategies based on data from both formative and summative assessments

  • Serve an additional 5 professional development days outside of teacher contract days/hours

  • Plan, prepare, and teach lessons
  • Guide students toward goals
  • Build relationships and communicate with students, staff, and families
  • Establish, model, and guide school routines
  • Monitor/adjust/differentiate instruction (MTSS)
  • Plan and adjust assessments
  • Assess student work
  • Provide timely feedback
  • Participate in meetings and professional development
  • Network with other educators
  • Engage in continuous growth opportunities (e.g. work with coach / co-educator / mentor, visit classrooms)
  • Maintain confidentiality with professional relationships and records

Utilize your TLC program – “Alone we are smart; together we are BRILLIANT!” --STEVEN ANDERSON