School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC)

SIAC Long-Range Strategic Plan

Review of Identified Strengths:

  • Positive Atmosphere, Passionate and Dedicated Staff Overall, Caring Atmosphere, Positive School Climate, Results/Academic Performance
  • Technology, Technology Access and 21st Century Skills
  • Facilities and Recent Improvements
  • Early Childhood and Daycare Options
  • Modern and Emerging Professional Development
  • School Safety


Online Presence

  1. Interact and Inform via Social Media -- Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.
  2. Maintain School Website

Communicate and Promote Strengths

  1. Create Subcommittee for Promoting MFL MarMac
  2. Increase Showcasing of Activities and Exemplary Work – Live Streaming, etc.

Infuse Technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in PK-12 Curriculum

Increase Technology Options via Current Technology Committee

Investigate Opportunities for Before and After School Programs for PK-12

Increase Career Awareness

Further Develop TAG Program

Improve Health and Wellness Programs

  1. P.E.
  2. Nutrition
  3. Breakfast/Lunch – Investigate Summer Lunch Programs
  4. Salad Bars/Choice

Explore Expansion of Curriculum

  1. Social Sciences
  2. Diversity in Content and Social Needs


Entrance Aesthetics – All Centers

Gym Issues

Elementary Bathrooms/Space


  1. Storage
  2. Bus Garage Space
  3. Community Auditorium Use
  4. Signage – Exterior and Interior