Physical Exams / Sports Participation

Students desiring to participate in athletic activities or enrolling in preschool or kindergarten shall have a physical examination by a licensed health care provider and provide proof of such an examination to the school district. Athletic physicals and fees for participation in 7-12 sports are due on or before the first day of practice. Please note there are different physical forms for Preschool, Kindergarten and athletes, and it's important that you use the correct form. These forms are provided here and also available in all school offices.

There is a risk of being injured that is inherent in all sports. That risk of injury may be severe, including the risk of fractures, brain injuries, paralysis or even death. Because of recent lawsuits around the nation, all schools in Iowa are being asked to notify all parents of such risks and make available movies of such injuries for all parents to watch. In addition, all parents must sign a student’s participation and parental form before their son/daughter will be able to participate.