Parent Contact Regarding Health Issues

Periodically parents ask what criteria are used to notify parents that their child was in the health office during the course of the school day. As most of you are aware, we do not have full-time coverage in the health office. Not every child that comes to the health office is seen by the school nurse and students often come to the health office to rest with minor headaches, stomachaches and to take ice packs for bumps and bruises. When it is apparent a child has a significant health problem, every attempt will be made to contact a parent/guardian but you will not be called each time your child is in the health office.

A significant health problem would include the following situations:

  • A child who is vomiting
  • A child with recurrent diarrhea stools
  • A child with a fever 101 or higher
  • A child with difficulty breathing
  • A child sustaining an injury or other illness that may require medical attention
  • A child with a health concern that does not allow them to perform in the classroom similar to their peers per teacher report
  • Parent will always be contacted before administering any over-the-counter medications as per school policy

Students will be playing outside during recess and physical education classes and we encourage students to engage in all types of activities. Exercise and a break from class have been proven of benefit for children in many ways both physically and mentally. Similar to outdoor play at home, students here also experience minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes while playing and parents will not be notified of every incident. In most cases we will try our best to contact you if your child experiences a significant bump on the head or face. In the event your child has special health care considerations, this will be taken into account and staff will be instructed on proper procedure via a written Healthcare Plan.

Please understand that with the number of students visiting the health office in a given day it is impossible to contact every parent and may cause problems for some to be repeatedly contacted while at work. We also have non-medical personnel working with students who can not be expected to make medical decisions so often it is a judgment call.

The health and safety of our students is our primary concern and we will do everything possible to keep this a priority in our schools. Together we will continue to work to make our schools a healthy and safe learning environment for all. Feel free to contact your school’s nurse if you have any questions.