Health Screenings

Vision screening is conducted annually for students in grades Kindergarten through 5 and in 7th grade. Hearing screening is conducted for students in grades pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd & 7th. Students in other grades with previous known losses, new students and some special education students also are checked. If you do NOT want your child to be screened for vision or hearing, it is your responsibility to notify the school nurse or principal in writing before the screening takes place. Screening for height, weight, and body mass index will also be conducted. You will be notified if your child does not satisfactorily pass a screening test. Again, if you do not wish your child to participate in height/weight/body mass index screenings, parent or guardian must notify either the school nurse or principal in writing at the beginning of each school year. If we do not hear from you, this is considered your consent for participation.