SIAC Meeting Agenda – 2-23-2022

SIAC Meeting Agenda – 2-23-2022

        MFL MarMac Community Schools 700 South Page Monona, Iowa 52159   Agenda for School Improvement Advisory Committee   February 23, 2022, in the Learning Commons  6:30 P.M.   Agenda: Welcome Review Strategic Planning Materials to Include Test Scores and District Data Discuss The Goals and Objectives for the Outline of the …

SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes February 16, 2021

Attendance: Chylie Feuerhelm, Marlene Franzen, Reilly Franzen, Bert Hass, Kylee Bries, JJ Lind, Mya Nelson, Colton Lueck, Trace Moser, Gretel Moser, Mariah Moser, Taryn Moser, Cheri Moser, Kathy Koether, Jen Wilwert, Larry Meyer, Denise Mueller, and Dale Crozier Review FAST scores and results to date. Jen shared fall and winter FAST scores for grades 2-6. … [Read More]

SIAC Agenda – October 2020

Location: High School Learning Commons Date & Time: October 19, 2020, 6:00pm SIAC Agenda: 1.  Review the purpose of SIAC 2.  Review standardized testing data (ACT, FAST testing) 3.  Discuss Title 1 programs 4.  Share 2020-21 Professional Development Plan 5.  Review the status of the district’s long-range goals          a.  Facilities     …

SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes October 19, 2020

Attendance: Koal Klenk, Marlene Franzen, Benson Lee, Chylie Feuerhelm, Denise Mueller, Kathy Koether, Larry Meyer, Tasha Fritz, Gavin Fritz, Evie Fritz, Brynlee Fritz, Darla Keehner, Jess Peterson, Karla Hanson, Jen Wilwert and Heidi Meyer Review the purpose of SIAC- Mr. Meyer explained how this group will meet a few times during the school year to … [Read More]

SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes May 12, 2020

Location: Zoom Attendance: Denise Mueller, Larry Meyer, Heidi Meyer, Jen Wilwert, Marlene Franzen, Will Koether, Kathy Koether, Brent Pape, Stacie Cooper, Darla Keehner, Emily Baade, Dale Crozier, Tasha Fritz, Logan Brown, Ryan Martindale, and Myah Davis Preschool update: Mrs. Koether shared there were 2 sections of three year old preschool who attend Wednesdays and Fridays … [Read More]

SIAC Meeting Minutes November 24, 2019

Attendance: Denise Mueller, Larry Meyer, Heidi Meyer, Jen Wilwert, Marlene Franzen, Keagan Smerud, JJ Lynd, Chloe Hubanks, Dustin Berns, Max Koeller, Will Koether, Reilly Franzen, Chaise Ziegler Digging deeper in data: Jen shared the Iowa Department of Education Iowa School Report Card, looking deeper at the demographics and subgroups. 1&y=2018 Committee’s observations of the … [Read More]

SIAC Committee & Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes September 23, 2019

MFL MarMac School Improvement Adviosory Committee (SIAC) and MFL MarMac Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes Attendance: Jen Wilwert, Larry Meyer, Kathy Koether, Dale Crozier, Heidi Meyer, Tonya Meyer, Tamara Butikofer, Darla Keehner, Will Koether, Hunter Kugel, Isaac Brehmer, Jess Schubert, Brayden Graney, Julian Lynd, Logan Brown, Jesse Breuer, Dusty Berns, Sydney Moser, Emily Knickerbocker, Brian Stark, … [Read More]

SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes January 7, 2019

Location: High School Learning Commons Attendance: Tamara Butikofer, Tasha Fritz, Emily Welper, Niki Guese, Amanda Meyer, Will Koether, Jesse Breuer, Tyler Trappe, Marlene Franzen, Myah Davis, Breanna Knickerbocker, Megan Budde, Emma Ammons, Skylar Moser, Kathy Koether, Denise Mueller, Jen Wilwert, Darla Keehner, Melissa Haberichter, Larry Meyer Agenda: Reviewed last meeting’s minutes and meeting agenda. Open … [Read More]

SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes October 25, 2017

Attendance: Jen Wilwert, Larry Meyer, Kathy Koether, Denise Mueller, Darla Keehner, Brent Pape, Brandi Crozier, Jessica Peterson, Jesse Breuer, Breanna Knickerbocker, Shelby Martin, Abby Zeeh, Sam Koeller, Anjela Waterman, Dale Crozier Jen reviewed the minutes from the April 3, 2017 minutes. Jen reviewed 2016-17 Iowa Assessment Data and annual goals in reading comprehension, math, and … [Read More]

SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes April 3, 2017

Attendance: Jen Wilwert, Jessica Peterson, Heidi Meyer, Erik Peterson, Ryan Martindale, Brent Pape, Larry Meyer, Dale Crozier, Trent Miene, Melissa Haberichter, Kathy Koether, Crystal Thurn, Kadence Pape, Lauren Haberichter, Josie Kleinow, Ali Crogan, Sierra Wiebensohn, Hope McGlaughlin, Micah Decker, Skylar Moser, Brenna Boland, Nick Gonzalez, Alex McNally, Ben Miene, Julie Lenth, and Chelbe Feuerhelm Agenda: … [Read More]