SIAC Meeting Minutes November 24, 2019

Attendance: Denise Mueller, Larry Meyer, Heidi Meyer, Jen Wilwert, Marlene Franzen, Keagan Smerud, JJ Lynd, Chloe Hubanks, Dustin Berns, Max Koeller, Will Koether, Reilly Franzen, Chaise Ziegler

  1. Digging deeper in data: Jen shared the Iowa Department of Education Iowa School Report Card, looking deeper at the demographics and subgroups. 1&y=2018
  2. Committee’s observations of the positive in our district:
    1. The Teacher-Leadership-Compensation (TLC) program is going well for our school district.
    2. The website is well labeled and easy to navigate.
    3. Students use Planbook links on the website.
    4. Girls appreciate the remodeled bathroom.
    5. The number of students in the high school participating in the extra-curriculars is growing.
    6. Elementary students are able to have opportunities to interact with high school students in extra activities such as cheerleading camp, music camp, NHS activities and more.
    7. The upperclassmen are interacting more with the underclassmen.
    8. The culture at the high school has improved to be more positive and less bullying.
  3. Committee’s observations for needs improvement in our district:
    1. Forms are difficult to find for students to find. Needs to put in multiple places if it’s also in Quick Links.
    2. Maybe add a FAQ section on the website such “What do I do if my student is absent?”
    3. Signs for the bathrooms in the lobby do not catch guests’ eyes. We need something that “sticks out”- they are too small, too high.
    4. HS boys would like new sinks and the doors needs to be adjusted in order to be locked. The same problem is in the middle school.
    5. Please look over the doors by the weightroom/dumpsters to make sure they are secure at all times.
    6. The HS handbook states clear liquids only in the classroom, but the vending machine offers other choices that do not fit that criteria. The vending machine policy needs to be better defined with the teaching staff.
    7. Profanity needs to cleaned-up by the high school students in the hallways.
    8. Salads or salad bar should be offered as a choice daily. Could we bring back corn dogs?
    9. High school students would like the schedule to be looked at and dislike how the computer algorithm created conflicts with choir, math, public speaking and more.
  4. Review of Long-Range Goals from the Strategic Plan: The committee looked over the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Most goals have been accomplished or are currently being implemented. The following areas are still in need of improvement:
    1. Create subcommittee for promoting MFL MarMac
    2. Showcase exemplary work by students or staff with social media or live streaming
    3. Offer more opportunities to practice skills in engineering for high school students
    4. Improve high school salad bar offerings and menu choices
    5. Expand social science class offerings for the high school (economics)
    6. Improve the entrance aesthetics for all centers
    7. Gym issues, elementary bathrooms and space, and increase the amount of storage areas (currently being worked on with the upcoming vote)
    8. Bus garage space improvements