SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes October 25, 2017

Attendance: Jen Wilwert, Larry Meyer, Kathy Koether, Denise Mueller, Darla Keehner, Brent Pape, Brandi Crozier, Jessica Peterson, Jesse Breuer, Breanna Knickerbocker, Shelby Martin, Abby Zeeh, Sam Koeller, Anjela Waterman, Dale Crozier

  1. Jen reviewed the minutes from the April 3, 2017 minutes.
  2. Jen reviewed 2016-17 Iowa Assessment Data and annual goals in reading comprehension, math, and science.
    • Discussion and comments followed:
      • The FAST testing stresses speed, but teachers also do separate comprehension assessments
      • Group noticed testing gaps in socio-economic groups
      • Schools need to provide a purpose for taking the Iowa Assessment to students. Note to students that the state of Iowa, school board, parents, teachers, anyone and everyone can view the scores.
      • Everyone in the district this year will take Iowa Assessments in November.
      • Jen will compare our data with state, AEA, and similar schools at the next meeting.
      • What incentives work for students to want to do their best? Competitions?Use the “growth” data and proficient data combined to celebrate success.
      • Iowa Assessments are not tied to funding.
  3. Goals will be reviewed at the next meeting.
  4. Next meeting will be on a Monday night in late November/early December.