SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes May 12, 2020

Location: Zoom

Attendance: Denise Mueller, Larry Meyer, Heidi Meyer, Jen Wilwert, Marlene Franzen, Will Koether, Kathy Koether, Brent Pape, Stacie Cooper, Darla Keehner, Emily Baade, Dale Crozier, Tasha Fritz, Logan Brown, Ryan Martindale, and Myah Davis

  1. Preschool update: Mrs. Koether shared there were 2 sections of three year old preschool who attend Wednesdays and Fridays 8:15-11:15, and 3 sections of four year old preschool who attend 3 full days, Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays. A state grant help pays for the 4 year old preschool program. This the program was required to survey the parents regarding their satisfaction of the program. 35/51 surveys were returned with 30 respondents being very satisfied and 5 were satisfied. The survey also helps the teachers and district formulate the next steps to improve the program which will be reported to the state. In addition, the program requires 10 criteria to be reported annually to the state. Our preschool program has a 5 star QRS rating.
  2. Diversity Council- Based on a situation from this school year, Stacie Cooper (guidance counselor) proposed forming a diversity council. She suggested a group up staff members, students, and community members should work together to help address diversity issues and needs in the district. The goal would be for students to learn how to live and work peacefully with neighbors, being accepting, and learn about other cultures. The SIAC committee agreed there is a need for this and commented on how there are also unconscious biases. Biases could include racial, gender, sexual preferences, young/old, educated/uneducated, etc. This conversation will be shared with the Professional Development Committee to address diversity issues will next school year. SIAC will continue to discuss this topic at future meetings.
  3. Facilities update: The elementary remodeling project is currently on hold with the uncertainty with the economy and the supply chain. The lights in both centers were changed to LED to help save $20,000 annually. The district continues to work on safety issues and routine maintenance.
  4. At-Home Learning Opportunities discussion: These were the comments shared.
    1. It’s hard to do work or give effort when it’s not graded.
    2. Required work would help parents and kids to be more accountable.
    3. Students are working at a job more because schoolwork is not required.
    4. The teacher-led weekly Zoom meetings have been appreciated and powerful.
    5. There was a suggestion to carbon copy parents with emails to students. This would help parents to keep their children on task.
    6. It was commented that there were inconsistent platforms across grade levels to find materials.
    7. It was appreciated that the counselors, music, art, and PE have also reached out to the students.
    8. Elementary students have appreciated the birthday greetings from Mrs. Koether and their teachers.
    9. Teachers truly care.
    10. 220/320 Ipads were checked out at the McGregor Center.
    11. Internet for rural is really tough and flipped learning was encouraged.
    12. A district Zoom schedule would be helpful for less over-lapped sessions.
    13. There was a suggestion to double-check/update family’s contact information mid-year.
    14. If at-home learning happens again in the fall, learning will be required per Dr. Crozier.