SIAC Committee Meeting Minutes February 16, 2021

Attendance: Chylie Feuerhelm, Marlene Franzen, Reilly Franzen, Bert Hass, Kylee Bries, JJ Lind, Mya Nelson, Colton Lueck, Trace Moser, Gretel Moser, Mariah Moser, Taryn Moser, Cheri Moser, Kathy Koether, Jen Wilwert, Larry Meyer, Denise Mueller, and Dale Crozier

  1. Review FAST scores and results to date.
    • Jen shared fall and winter FAST scores for grades 2-6. There wasn’t a significant change in percentage of students meeting benchmark from fall to winter.
  2. Review what has worked during the pandemic, and what we can continue afterwards.
    • Appreciate the opportunity to learn, but disliked sitting on Zoom for 6 hours.
    • I liked being assigned homework on a Tuesday and having the time on Wednesdays to finish it on my own time.
    • I liked the assignments being online for my children. My 7th grader prefers the online assignments compared to paper assignments.
    • Zoom helps if you have to be gone for an extended time due to Covid.
    • Online piece is going to change education in the future.
    • It’s nice to be able to have virtual learning days for snow days, but it’s uncertain if the state will continue this.
    • Students are collaborating to help each other learn applications, software, and programs. Students are sharing what they have learned with technology.
    • Canvas has been a positive change and has been fairly easy to navigate. It is a nice organization tool and is kept up to date (unlike some teachers’ websites). The phone app is helpful, too.
    • Students are able to receive instant feedback with online tools.
    • Ipads were found to not be completely compatible with Canvas
    • I like the amount of disinfecting happening in the school.
    • Two separate lunchrooms have been great, too. It’s not as crowded. Sometimes lines are slow in serving and some students only have 10 minutes to eat.
    • High schoolers are frustrated with the serving size as it appears to be the same amount as elementary students.
  3. Diversity Program to date/progress
    • What does diversity mean to you? -Diversity is the ability to get along despite differences between people.
    • Mr. Meyer observed there was a political divide in the high school this year. Mrs. Mueller said she observed the same at the McGregor Center.
    • Meg Lammers agreed to work with high school students on Wednesdays. She will work with Mrs. McGeough and Mr. Meyers to work on diversity issues with the high school. They are looking at short video clips and materials to be shared digitally. This could be shared third hour for all students.
    • First step is to look at tolerance.
    • Our school psychologist, Nikki Brevig, is working with LBGQT to help students be comfortable with who they are.