SIAC Committee & Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes September 23, 2019

MFL MarMac School Improvement Adviosory Committee (SIAC) and MFL MarMac Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Jen Wilwert, Larry Meyer, Kathy Koether, Dale Crozier, Heidi Meyer, Tonya Meyer, Tamara Butikofer, Darla Keehner, Will Koether, Hunter Kugel, Isaac Brehmer, Jess Schubert, Brayden Graney, Julian Lynd, Logan Brown, Jesse Breuer, Dusty Berns, Sydney Moser, Emily Knickerbocker, Brian Stark, Denise Mueller, Reilly Franzen, Koal Klenk

  1. Review purpose of SIAC: Dr. Crozier explained the role of the committee and reviewed the Long Range Strategic Plan, 2015-2020
  2. Facilities strategic goal: Focus improvements on playgrounds, entrance aesthetics (all centers), gym issues, elementary bathrooms/space, and other miscellaneous areas of need (storage, bus gararage space, community auditorium use, and signage for exterior and interior).
  3. Review and discuss facilities plan: Architect Brian Stark explained the process of generating a design based on research, wants, needs, and land availability. This is a fieldhouse and facilities improvement project.
    1. The cost of the new facilities plan is 6.8 million dollars, and the increase in taxes is $1.30/$1,000
    2. Location of the new fieldhouse would be behind the music addition and would take the place of the tennis courts.
    3. Seating inside would be for 1,200 fans.
    4. Walking track will be included in the design. It would include 3 lanes. Policy for potential public use has not been decided yet.
    5. Dr. Crozier feels this building would help increase enrollment and grow our district. We would have something that area districts don’t have.
    6. The gymnasium would be able to have 2 courts (basketball and volleyball) separated by a curtain, a competion court with bleachers, batting cages, two new locker rooms, new concession stand and lobby. The entrance would be from the parking lot near the football field.
    7. 32,000 square foot addition.
    8. This would be large enough to be able to host district events.
    9. There would be sideline space for each court, even with the curtain being used.
    10. The school will have the ability to lock school from the fieldhouse.
    11. It could be used for student/PE use.
    12. Graduation could be held in this facility and a portable stage would have to be built.
    13. For youth tournaments, parents could bring portable chairs to be able to view or bleachers could be partially pulled out.
    14. The concession stand could be used both indoor and outdoors (for football and track visitors).
    15. Under consideration only at this time is to move the home stands at the football field to be on the opposite side, but the sun is the issue.
    16. The locker room would include bathrooms, showers separated from the changing area, and large lockers. Still under discussion is the size and whether to offer a referee locker room.
    17. Entrance from the school would be between the auditorium and the elementary music room.
    18. If project comes in below cost, there is a possibility of remodeling the multi-purpose room at the Monona Center. Cost is depending on many factors not limited but including hurricanes, tariffs, disasters, war, etc.
    19. Begin construction spring of 2021, and will last 14 months.
    20. Overflow parking could be built along side the baseball field.
    21. Possible installing solar panels could help offset heating and cooling costs of this new facility.
    22. New elementary addition, would include a commons area, remodeled bathrooms (updated the original 1950 bathrooms), new secretary and principal offices, conference room, improved school security, and workspace/copier room. Bathroom sinks would be on the outside of the elementary bathrooms.
    23. This would also improve entrance aesthetics and about $100,000 of circle parking lot improvements. Elementary entrance would have one-way glass.
    24. Both projects would be voted at the same time, but built phase differently. Less expensive to do both at the same time. Stand alone the elementary would cost$550,000 compared to $350,000 if included in the bigger project.
    25. Next step is for the school board to authorize to proceed with the vote. The Facilities Committee needs to meet and finalize plans.
    26. Ideas are still be accepted. Please email Dr. Crozier.