Board Minutes – 10-14-2019

MFL MarMac Community School
Regular Monthly Minutes
October 14, 2019

The MFL MarMac Board of Education held its Regular board meeting on October 14, 2019, in the middle school media center of the McGregor schoolhouse.

President Roys called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. Members present at roll call were Gina Roys, Tonya Meyer, Jonathon Moser, Sharon Greener, and Collin Stubbs. Absent at roll call were Brian Meyer and Josh Grau. Also present were Dale Crozier, Superintendent, Kathy Koether, Elementary Principal, Denise Mueller, Middle School Principal, and Cindy Koons, Board Secretary. Visitors were welcomed and recognized.

Motion by T. Meyer, seconded by Greener, to approve the agenda as presented. The motion was unanimously carried.

Motion by Stubbs, to approve the following consent items from the agenda:

  • Minutes from the September 9, 2019, regular board meeting and the September 23, 2019 SIAC minutes.
  • Bills against the district as listed: General Fund: $90,333.80; Management Fund: $2,345.12; Capital Projects: $17,044.61; PPEL: $78,746.17; Clearing Account: $42,274.90; Food Service:$20,328.65; Little Bulldog Childcare Center: $11,398.27; Smith Childcare: $6,371.66.
  • The Secretary’s Report, Activity Report, and Food Service Report will be filed subject to audit.

Moser seconded the motion and it was unanimously carried.

Motion by Moser, seconded by Stubbs, to clarify the motion from last month stating the Marquette timber was being sold to the City of Marquette in the amount of $28,000.00, and the portion of the ball diamond that the school district originally owned was being given to the city, and a sliver of land that has been maintained by the adjacent land owner will be transfer to that land owner for a portion of the fees. Motion was by roll call vote. Ayes: Stubbs, Roys, T. Meyer, and Moser. Greener abstained. Motion carried 4-1-0.

Motion by Moser, seconded by Stubbs, to approve the Early Separation Plans as presented. The motion was unanimously carried.

Motion by Greener, seconded by Moser, to approve the Certified Annual Report, Special Education Supplement, and Annual Transportation Report as presented. The motion was unanimously carried.
Motion by Moser, seconded by T. Meyer, to request Modified Allowable Growth and Supplemental Aid for the fiscal year 2019 special education deficit of $306,002.00. Motion carried all ayes.

Motion by Stubbs, seconded by T. Meyer, to approve a contract for Elsie Meyer for 8 hours per week as a Paraprofessional. The motion was unanimously carried.

Motion by T. Meyer, seconded by Moser, to approve the Title I application for $118,390.00. The motion was unanimously carried.

Director Stubbs introduced and caused to be read the Resolution hereinafter set out and moved its adoption; seconded by Director Greener after due consideration thereof by the Board, the President put the question upon the adoption of said Resolution and the roll having been called, the following Directors voted:

Ayes: Moser, Stubbs, T. Meyer, Greener, and Roys. Nays: None.

Whereupon the President declared said Resolution duly adopted as follows:


WHEREAS, the MFL MarMac Board of Directors feel the need for the IGHSAU & IAHSAA to begin the process for modifications of how schools are classified for district and state tournament competitions, and,

WHEREAS, Iowa has changed, with the growth in poverty among students throughout the state significantly increased since 2011, at which time the percentage of enrolled students eligible for the free and reduced price lunch program was 27%, now statewide in the 2018-19 school year is 43%. Rural Iowa schools have not been immune from these changing demographics, with more and more students coming from low-income families eligible for free and reduced price lunch, and,

WHEREAS, extracurricular activities make a difference for communities and students’ quality of life, provide opportunities for families, neighbors, and communities to celebrate their students, provide additional motivation for student academic success, teach students about goal setting, hard work, communicating with others, team work and tenacity. These are critical skills for successful citizens, and all students deserve to experience success in these endeavors, and

WHEREAS, all students deserve a level playing field and fair opportunity to strive for success at a competitive level and,

WHEREAS, recruitment of students and engagement in activities is further hampered by continued lack of success due to an unlevel playing field, and,

WHEREAS, there is a state and community public purpose in ensuring that students from low-income families and communities have every opportunity to engage in activities at school that build confidence, competence, teamwork skills, goal setting, leadership abilities, and caring adult relationships and peer supports that inspire motivation to succeed academically, and,

WHEREAS, the IGHSAU & IAHSAA must recognize that enrollment size alone is not a sufficient predictor of creating a competitive experience, that low poverty levels of students and community impact the ability of school districts to be competitive with other similar sized schools on a regular basis to deliver those ends to all students, and,

WHEREAS, poverty alone does not prohibit success or create an inability for students to be successful given adequate supports, such that past experience of success should also be considered as a relevant factor in determining competitive classification in a way that is transparent and fair for Iowa public school districts,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board:

MFL MarMac Board of Directors call for a commitment from the IGHSAU & IAHSAA Board of Control and Executive Directors to convene a committee to seriously evaluate the competitive needs of students and schools in order to experience success and the inequities inherent in a system based solely on enrollment size without consideration of family and community capacity for support and make a recommendation to a joint board of both associations to resolve this issue in the 2019-2020 school year.

Passed and approved this 14th day of October, 2019.

The principal’s reports were given.

Superintendent Report:

  • Discussion regarding the districts Unspent Authorized Budget Report.
  • The workers compensation modification accident rate has decreased because of fewer accidents.
  • Discussion was held regarding the purchase of a new elevator lift and LED sign for the side of the McGregor schoolhouse.
  • Plans to hold a Board workshop in the near future.

The Board of Directors took a tour of the McGregor facility.

The next board meeting will be held in the High School media center on November 11, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. President Roys adjourned the meeting at 8:41 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cindy Koons, Board Secretary