Board Minutes – 1-11-2020

MFL MarMac Community School
Minutes for Regular Monthly Meeting
January 11, 2021

The MFL MarMac Board of Education held its organizational and regular monthly board meeting on January 11, 2021, in the high school learning commons of the Monona schoolhouse.

President Roys called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm. Members present at roll call were Gina Roys, Tonya Meyer, Dr. Jon Moser, Roberta Hass, Josh Grau and Collin Stubbs. Brian Meyer was absent. Also present were Dr. Dale Crozier, Superintendent, and Karla Hanson, Board Secretary. Visitors were recognized and welcomed.

Motion made by Tonya Meyer and seconded by Collin Stubbs to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Dr. Moser, seconded by Collin Stubbs, to approve the consent items from the agenda as follows:

  • Minutes from the December 14, 2020, board meeting.
  • Bills against the district as listed: General Fund: $64,737.55; Management: $1,914.00; Enterprise: $540.00; Capital Projects: $11,577.03; PPEL: $10,889.62; Clearing Account:$35,624.88; Food Service: $19,205.86; Little Bulldog Childcare: $3,049.82; Dr. Smith Childcare: $1,088.63
  • The Secretary’s Report, Activity Report and Food Service Report will be filed subject to audit.

The motion was unanimously carried.

Motion by Roberta Hass, seconded by Tonya Meyer, to accept the resignation of Jennifer Henkels, Food Service, and Eliza Philpott, Assistant Track Coach, pending suitable replacement. Custodial contract to Larry Kugel, head softball coach contract to Jennifer Pintz, and teaching contract to Lynn Jones were approved. Dr. Crozier’s contract was amended to move his annuity benefit to his contract amount, with the understanding that the full amount will go directly back into the annuity per the recommendation of IPERS. The motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Collin Stubbs, seconded by Josh Grau, to accept the revisions to Board Policy sections 600 and 700 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Tonya Meyer, seconded by Dr. Jon Moser, to authorize the districts administration to submit a request to the School Budget Review Committee in the amount of $269,160.00 for Modified Supplemental Amount (MSA) for the purpose of the 2021-22 Dropout Prevention-At Risk Program. Motion carried unanimously.

Principal Reports:

Kathy Koether reported that the State Preschool verification process has been completed. It is time to begin notifying the public about preschool and kindergarten for next fall. Preschool teachers will be evaluating students and making their recommendations for next year. There are currently only two elementary students attending school 100% virtually. And finally, report cards will be sent electronically through JMC and/or via mail.

Larry Meyer gave his report on the happenings in the high school. On December 15, 2020, Kevin Honeycutt presented virtually to staff and students. Winter sports attendance restrictions have been loosen so that unlimited spectators, as long as social distancing guidelines can be followed. Masks continue to be mandatory. Seniors have ordered their caps and gowns from Jostens. This year the senior class will be paying for them. There was some discussion about the possibility of the school purchasing these in the future. ISAS testing will happening March 15-18. And lastly, the winter concert held in December was fantastic and just what was needed after a very unusual first semester.

Dr. Crozier discussed his recommendation to extend the FFCRA leave for all staff through March 31, 2021 and possibly for the remainder of the year. The board agreed that this was a positive thing to do for the staff who may be affected by COVID19, especially for the new staff who do not have sick leave banks as full as others.

Dr. Crozier recommended that Wednesdays stay virtual through February and then the district shall move into five days per week for March, April, and May. He informed the Board that this is subject to change based on the data and future state proclamations. Reasons cited are the low rate of student and staff sickness for both Covid-19 and the flu, the high rate of overall attendance, the cleaning process in place, and forthcoming vaccinations, which we have been told by health officials should begin by mid- February. After a lengthy discussion of all sides of this issue, the Board authorized the continuance. The Board agreed that at the present time this is in the best interest of the students and the District.

The next monthly board meeting will be held on February 8, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. in the Learning Commons of the Monona High School.

Meeting adjourned at 6:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Karla Hanson – Board Secretary