Board Minutes – 07-11-2022

MFL MarMac Community School
Minutes for Regular Meeting,
July 11, 2022

The MFL MarMac Public Hearing and Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors was held on July 11,
2022, in the high school learning commons of the Monona schoolhouse.
President Gina Roys called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Members present at roll call were Gina
Roys, Roberta Hass, Aaron Schroeder, Dr. Jonathon Moser, and Collin Stubbs. Tonya Meyer and Josh
Grau were absent. Also present were Emme Schroeder; Student Board Member, Dr. Dale Crozier;
Superintendent, and Karla Hanson; Board Secretary. Visitors were recognized and welcomed.
Motion made by Roberta Hass, seconded by Dr. Moser, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion
carried unanimously.
Motion by Collin Stubbs, seconded by Dr. Moser, to approve the consent items from the agenda as

● Minutes from the June 13, 2022, board meeting.
● Bills against the district as listed: General Fund: $159,789.47, Management:
$63,203.75; Enterprise: $120.00; Capital Projects: $175,467.10, PPEL: $33,395.25;
Clearing Account: $27,178.84, Food Service: $15,456.95; Little Bulldog Childcare:
$8,121.06, Dr. Smith Childcare: $1,904.94.
● The Secretary’s Report, Activity Report and Food Service Report will be filed subject to

The motion was unanimously carried.
Heidi Meyer, Katie Kregel and Abbey Cottrell presented information about SCRIPT, STEAM and
Computer Science curriculum. Erik Peterson will be teaching a high school computer science course
next spring. Middle school and elementary will incorporate curriculum that promotes computer science,
which includes everything from coding to critical thinking to working collaboratively. The board thanked
this group for their work and look forward to more updates.
Kelly Bulman discussed the changes in premiums for property, liability and workman’s compensation
insurance for the upcoming year. Like everywhere else right now, inflation is pushing the cost higher,
but Dr. Crozier stressed the importance of being properly covered so that in the event of a catastrophe
the district could rebuild without going to the voters with a bond referendum.
Motion by Aaron Schroeder, seconded by Dr. Moser, to approve the following contracts and
Resignations: Brandon Burke, HS Baseball
Chessie Andrist, Assistant Softball
Janet Friedlein, Food Service
Casey Evanson, Paraprofessional
New Hires: Lyle Behrend – HS Band

Katherine Giselson – Elementary Music

Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Collin Stubbs, seconded by Dr. Moser, to approve the sharing agreement with Eastern
Allamakee for Social Worker, Matt Steven. He will work in the McGregor Center two days per week and
the contract will be held by Eastern Allamakee. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Roberta Hass, seconded by Aaron Schroeder, to approve the open enrollment eligibility
waiver as presented for a student to participate in extra curricular activities. Motion carried
Motion by Roberta Hass, seconded by Aaron Schroeder, to approve the minor changes shown by Pat
Echard to the Wellness Policy. These changes include adding fruit and vegetable bar to lunch, banning
pop and energy drinks from the lunch room and discouraging those drinks throughout the day. Motion
carried unanimously.
Motion by Dr. Moser, seconded by Roberta Hass, to approve the changes as presented to the Preschool,
Elementary, Middle School and High School Handbooks. These will all be available to view and/or print
on the MFL MarMac website. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Aaron Schroeder, seconded by Roberta Hass, to award the milk bid to Prairie Farms (only
bidder) and purchase bread from Martin Brothers for the upcoming school year. Motion carried
Motion by Dr. Moser, seconded by Aaron Schroeder, to approve the 28E Renewal Agreement for FY23
with Wood River Risk Pool for natural gas. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Roberta Hass, seconded by Collin Stubbs, to move the August board meeting to the 3 rd
Monday, August 15, at 4:00 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
Administrative Reports:
Kathy Koether, Elementary Principal, reviewed the elementary restroom and office additions. Both
projects are on schedule and she invited the board members to check on the progress. The new offices
are not expected to be done until late year, but the restrooms should be done shortly after the start of
the new school year. Student drop-off and pick-up locations will be affected by the construction. New
guidelines will be well advertised in advance of the school year.
Larry Meyer, High School Principal, discussed Civil Rights Reporting and State Reporting that is now
complete. He also discussed GPA requirements for college classes and CTE college courses.
Dr. Dale Crozier read two thank you notes from a recent class reunion tour and the Hay Days committee.
A minor change was done to the school calendar to correct a color change on February 10. The district
will share mileage expenses with Eastern Allamakee for FY23 travel expenses incurred by Dr. Crozier.
Open enrollment deadlines have been eliminated. The Charter School bill did not make it through the
State Senate but is expected to show up again in the future. A vulnerability study will be conducted to

evaluate the intruder risk associated with each building. New locks and cameras have been ordered and
should be installed before students return. The McGregor Center stucco project is underway.
The meeting adjourned at 7:21 pm.
The next meeting will be on August 15 at 4:00 pm in the Learning Commons at the Monona center.

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