Board Minutes – 01-10-2022

MFL MarMac Community School
Minutes for Regular Monthly
January 10, 2022

The MFL MarMac Board of Education held its regular monthly board meeting on January 10, 2022, in the
high school learning commons of the Monona schoolhouse.President Roys called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Members present at roll call were Gina Roys,
Roberta Hass, Dr. Jonathon Moser, Aaron Schroeder, Josh Grau (via telephone due to illness), Tonya
Meyer and Collin Stubbs. Also present were Dr. Dale Crozier, Superintendent, and Karla Hanson, Board
Secretary. Visitors were recognized and welcomed.

Motion made by Tonya Meyer, seconded by Dr. Moser, to approve the agenda as presented, with the
exception being removing Future Policy Approval: Possible Federal Covid Mandate. Motion carried

FFA officers (Dacia Schoulte, Mindy Keehner, Sydney Moser, Dusty Berns, Tyler Zuercher, Landon
Johnson) and FFA advisor, Sarah Wille, were present to give a short presentation about their trip to
Indianapolis, Indiana, in October for the National FFA Convention. They thanked the Board for their
continued support.

Joe Milewsky and Andy Thesing were present to give an overview of the Trapshooting Club, which last
year consisted of 45 students from Waukon, MFL MarMac and Postville school districts. The cost of
supplies continues to rise, but a donation from the Merle Gruber Foundation has helped immensely.
The Board thanked the volunteers for their efforts in making the Trapshooting Club successful.
Motion by Collin Stubbs, seconded by Roberta Hass, to approve the consent items from the agenda as

● Minutes from the December 13, 2021, board meeting.
● Bills against the district as listed: General Fund: $149,338.08; Management: $0.00
Enterprise: $1,080.00; Capital Projects: $22,912.81; PPEL: $31,102.94; Clearing
Account: $49,570.69; Food Service: $13,753.32; Little Bulldog Childcare: $3,513.95; Dr.
Smith Childcare: $1,590.89
● The Secretary’s Report, Activity Report and Food Service Report will be filed subject to

The motion was unanimously carried.

Motion by Tonya Meyer, seconded by Dr. Moser, to accept the contract of Jeremy Kurth, Elementary
Paraprofessional, and to accept the resignation of Kyle Kirkestue from Elementary Paraprofessional,
Assistant Football Coach and Weight Room Supervisor. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Dr. Moser, seconded by Aaron Schroeder, to authorize the district’s administration to submit
a request to the School Budget Review Committee in the amount of $278,758.00 for Modified
Supplemental Amount (MSA) for the purpose of the 2021-22 Dropout Prevention-At Risk Program.
Motion carried unanimously.

Administrative Reports:
Larry Meyer, High School Principal, talked about second semester beginning, state reporting being
worked on, and winter sports in full swing.

Kathy Koether, Elementary Principal, stated that the Art Centre is hosting an afterschool program in the
Middle School for the lower elementary (K-3), fundraising for student, Shaun Mohs, is happening in all
buildings. Hat Day will continue on Fridays for the remainder of the month, January 26th will be the 100th day of school, and planning has begun for April Reading Month.

Dr. Crozier, spoke briefly about Iowa OSHA stating on January 7, 2022, that they would not enforce the
Federal vaccine mandate, if the Supreme Court rules that the President has authority to mandate such
measures. Because of this, MFL MarMac will not have a policy on the matter, unless required by law or
by direction of the school board, to do so.

Meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Karla Hanson, Board Secretary