2021-2022 Bus Routes

A Note from Trent Miene, MFL MarMac Transportation Director:

   Due to the shortage of full-time school bus drivers, we were forced to cut our daily bus routes from nine down to eight.  In doing so, some of the routes look totally different from previous years.  Please take some time to read through the routes with your student(s) and make sure they understand which bus to get on, especially in the afternoons going home from school, as some students ride a different bus in the afternoons due to daycare arrangements.  

   Afternoon routes going home will be run in order like they are in the mornings, the only routes that will run in reverse will be Bus # 17, Bus # 4 and Bus # 7.  Also, if you have an “open enrolled” student(s), we ask that you please meet the bus at the closest existing stop to you that is on the scheduled route.  In years past we have been able to accommodate some by going right to your home, but that just isn’t the case this year.

   We may have to “tweak” some pick up or drop off times here or there, but we will wait and see how things go with the new routes. Please have your student(s) ready to board the bus when the bus gets to your pickup location. If we must wait for someone who isn’t ready, it puts us behind schedule.  

   In rerouting the buses, I tried very hard to keep the time any one particular student had to be on the bus, to or from school, to under 45 min. If we can get some more full time drivers we will increase the number of routes back up to 9 like previous years.  If you know someone who would be interested in becoming a bus driver, even as a substitute driver, PLEASE let us know.

There are a few rules for the bus that are going to be enforced that parents need to be aware of:

  1. Only water is allowed to be drank on the bus.
  2. NO FOOD to be eaten on the bus.
  3. Keep cell phones and computers to yourselves.

There are other rules as well that your student(s) will hear about, but I just wanted you to be aware of these 3 especially. The food and drink are the two big ones. As we all know, if we allow it, it will most likely end up on the floor of the bus, and that just makes a huge sticky mess.

Our drivers and myself, take great pride in offering a SAFE and CLEAN way for students to get to and from school every single day. We look forward to another successful year.  Thank you for your time and understanding. 

Trent Miene
Transportation Director

Trent Miene, MFL MarMac Transportation director, in a bus